About me: Ghislain Posscat, french nude photographer

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"Ghislain Posscat is a self-taught photographer Parisien.
As a child he was fascinated by an abandoned factory along a river he contemplates daily from the window of his bedroom, and by the houses he visits for hours, and in which he likes to imagine the previous life occupants.

These ambiences frighten him, but intrigue him and lull his daily.

An unconscious relationship with these places is born, and will lead him to organize prestigious rave party in magical places, still improbable, in which he also officiate as  a performer"

In the early 2000, he gradually gathers the musical world and the photography.

In 2009, an image completely changes his artistic career. Since Ghislain Posscat is primarily devoted to the nude and creates images in a chaotic world where a woman's beauty is enhanced and developed in an original way, peculiar or elegant, refined and provocative, fascinating and disturbing, offering something new, another vision, and new emotions."


A little more about me ...

Freelance photographer, I am also married and the proud father of a wonderful 3 years old child.

Originally known as a nude photographer in abandoned places, however, I realize all kinds of services, in all types of places. Regardless of where the photo shoot takes place, whatever the style, I guarantee you a unique result and integrity. Better than this, I invite you to a "picture trip" in my universe ...

Discover a part of my work through this TV coverage on national tv channel d17 (in french)

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